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Maui Needs Us! Charity Anthology Announcement

Support those still reeling from the deadly wildfires by preordering a special charity edition of the Monsters in Love anthology – Aloha Nui Loa – organized by author Eva Priest, coming Oct 1st.

Purchases are direct on Eva’s website (to avoid the ‘Zon’s 60-day waiting period). ALL proceeds will go towards Maui Strong, to help provide financial resources to support the immediate and long-term recovery needs for the people and places affected by the wildfires.

This stunning anthology will be filled with new and previously published* short stories by some of your favorite monster romance authors, including:

  • USA Today Bestselling Author Eva Priest writing as Evangeline Priest
  • USA Today Bestselling Author Vivienne Hart
  • USA Today Bestselling Author Dee J Holmes/Deana Holmes writing as Dee St. Holm
  • Cassie Alexander
  • Dalia Davies
  • Clio Evans
  • YD La Mar
  • Krista Luna
  • C. Rochelle
  • Vera Valentine

*My submission is “Be Not Afraid” – a spicy, festive tale featuring a hot priest, fake nun, and biblically-accurate angel , previously published in the 2022 Monsters & Mistletoes anthology.

The End is Here! Valhalla is Full of Hunks has Arrived

Valhalla is Full of Hunks Cover + Blurb Reveal!

You’d think having the gift of second sight would make my life feel more secure. Instead, I’m left with sleepless nights, a body count higher than my bestie, Herculeia, and an unfinished five-year plan. 

Was a juicy benefits package with an entire stable of Skarsgards too much to ask for

Officially burned out, I decide to extend my business trip to Stockholm by two weeks—determined to forget my troubles by stuffing my face with Swedish meatballs.

And I’m not just talking about the food. 

When I meet the sexiest meatball right out of the gate, I think the tides are finally turning in my favor.

Too bad my prophetic visions failed me once again.

Now I’m the one on hot-bod monster island, but instead of being chained to the bed for fun, it’s more a hostage situation. 

I can still work with that. 

The question is, can I convince my three mythological captors to abandon their doomsday plot for eternity with me? Or is our fate already set in stone?


• A five-foot-nothing unapologetic H0 meeting her monsters

• An overly possessive, extremely unhinged stable of Skarsgards

• MMMF and multi- (first-person) POVs 

• Very few morals + some light kidn@pping (but it’s fiction so we loves it)

• Daddy, Sir & Master (with Iola being one of the three – CUE PEGGING!)

Kn0ts, grinders, c*kpockets, and fancy accessories that glow in the dark

Norse mythology with many ridiculous liberties taken

• Suspenseful adventure

• Probably some emotional ruin

• Tasty banter + naughty dark humor as usual

Then stuff your face with Swedish meatballs!

Baby Hulk is Here!

Our Proud H0 is Here!

This double-stuffed illustrated omnibus contains: 

• The 12 Hunks of Herculeia and Herculeia the Hero

• Fancy Formatting & Cover Illustrated by Mon Reyes

• Spicy Bonus Scenes (Calm Down Monster Fucker, Three Heads Are Better Than One, and the previously unpublished Get Stuffed: A Thanksgiving Special).

• UNcensored Art (also illustrated by Mon Reyes)

Know What Else Just Released?

Cover & Blurb Reveal


It’s time for me to start pulling my weight in the Suarez clan—to prove I’m worth more than the plays I make on the field or the dirt I dig up on rival families. I want to make Wolfy proud.

And not get unalived by Simon.

So I volunteered what I had to offer, knowing my infamous genes could be used for uniting two powerful clans in marriage. After all, I’m the only not-gay one in my family, so that alone should entice the super-babes looking to get busy with baby-making.

I mean, as long as they don’t ask me to do math or anything.

But the last supe I expected Wolfy to match me with was the ice queen hero herself, Dahlia Salah. She’s not bad, but her brother is my former Deathball rival, and the only one on the planet who can make me Hulk out with a single snarky word.

All I have to do is keep my eye on the prize and ignore this weird tension between Zion and me. 

I’ve totally got this.


I never would have guessed Baltasar Suarez would be the man to lock down my sister.

But shady business deals are what make our world go ‘round, and Dahlia sealed her fate when she went up against the leaders of his clan—as if she were destined for our legendary throne instead of me.

Not that I’ve been interested in wearing the crown. 

Not after everything that happened.

Without Deathball to distract me, I spend most of my time keeping my daughter safe and happy, even though her mother is gone and my parents treat her like an outcast.

Otherwise, I’ve just been… existing. Until Baltasar showed up, as tempting as ever—reminding me of all I’ve lost, and everything I’ve ever wanted. Everything I can never have.

Or can I?

My beast—my true supe form—has already decided the villain is ours, so why not remind my backstabbing family that everything under this roof is destined to belong to me?

Starting with him.

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A Song of Saints & Swans is Here!

Head back to the witchy woods of The Yaga’s Riders with this spin-off MFF tale! (But be sure to first read the main trilogy, starting with Rise of the Witch)

Cover & Blurb Reveal!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane: Not All Himbos Wear Capes is here (with AUDIO coming soon!)

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Monstrously Mythic (Herculeia Duet)

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C. Rochelle here! I’m a naughty but sweet, introverted, Aquarius weirdo who believes a sharp sense of humor is the sexiest trait, loves shaking my booty to Prince, and have never met a cheese I didn’t like. Oh, and I write spicy paranormal/monster Why Choose + MM & MFF romance with dark, naughty humor and a #loveislove mentality.

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