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NEW! Author Interview – Chaos Twins Podcast (with Cora Rose & Nicole Dykes)

C. Rochelle, creator of the great American novel, Not All Himbos Wear Capes may or may not be guest-starring in the third installment of the Chaos Twins Podcast. Keep your ears peeled as Corinne shares her experiences and thoughts on topics such as organizing her next book, social media, baby cows, and using one USB port on a MacBook. If you endure the technical difficulties and arm flapping, you may also be able to find Corinne!

NEW! Author Interview – Cheap Smut

In this, our debut “Author Profile” episode, we are fortunate enough to be joined by the delightful C. Rochelle! We talk himbos, heroes, and Herculeia with her, and we even get some teases about some of her future works!

More Podcast Coverage:

Gentlemen Prefer Villains Recap – Cheap Smut

We here at Smutco Industries were so taken with Not All Himbos Wear Capes by C. Rochelle (the first book in her Villainous Things series) that we just had to cover the second book, Gentlemen Prefer Villains. We even brought friend of the pod (and guest from the NAHWC episode) Josh Fekete back because he wanted to hear what happened next. Dear listener, none of us were disappointed!

A Little Bit of Tragedy & Finding Your Way Back Home – Books and Sex

We’re back with Episode 3! Also, we’re meeting new characters in the Villainous Things series (in Gentlemen Prefer Villains)!

Not All Himbos Wear Capes Recap – Cheap Smut

This week we were joined by special guest (and certified comic book knower/nerd) Josh Fekete for Not All Himbos Wear Capes by C. Rochelle! Katie couldn’t wait to regale the boys with sexy superhero action, and holy heck was it ever sexy!

Witches & Villains & Blowies, Oh My! – Books and Sex

We’ve got three books being discussed by yours truly, Shannon, as she takes us through a hitchhiker romance, supervillain vs. superhero,  and a secret society sealed in bloodshed! (Books discussed include Not All Himbos Wear Capes)

Author Interview – Elsewhere (Where Else Would You Be?)

What in the tentacle? Like paranormal? Like monster romance? Like Why Choose? 3? 4? 12?! Tune in and find out! We will ALSO be talking about the “Amazon issue” see you there!!

Not Your Discord Mod’s Superheroes: Author Interview – The Smutty Sanctuary

Monster Peens, Superhero Smut, Oh Jesus (maybe): Author Interview – 12 After Dark

On today’s episode we are talking to C. Rochelle, a queen of monster smut and the one that will leave you feeling tingly. Sit back and listen out for the laughter.

In this episode of Chapter 12: After Dark, we chat with C. Rochelle about Not All Himbos Wear Capes and her Christmas short form the anthology, Be Not Afraid. Who doesn’t love good boys and naughty nuns? C. Rochelle shares what it is like writing and perhaps about her projects coming up. Sit back and relax, because it’s time to find out what happens in Chapter 12.

Chaos, ‘Zon Woes, and Greek Monster Peen: Author Interview – Smutty & Nutty

Our favorite witch is back to finish off 2021 and our first season of podcasting!

We got to sit down with best selling author, C. Rochelle and talk about so many awesome author things. Don’t worry, there was a lot of c*ock talk too (as always). Learn some ins and outs of traveling life as an indie author. Hear some mistakes made by both Corinne and Lexi, along with some tips and thoughts on how to approach what the ‘Zon throws at us.

Thank you so much to C. Rochelle for being the supportive bad ass she is. It has been a joy to fangirl over her, and then be taken under her wing. You can follow our guest on instagram @c.rochelle_author

Make sure to look out for Corinne’s next book that includes some greek monster c*ock (are they monsters or is what’s in their pants monsters?) and her next coauthored installment of the Apex Society Series

Woo Woo Va Ju Ju: Author Interview – Smutty & Nutty

We got to sit down with best selling author C. Rochelle to talk about so many tasty things. Her Yaga’s Riders Trilogy, the Wings of Darkness and Light Trilogy and more. Listen in as the Smutty and Nutty Crew grill her on all things to come, author tips, what it’s like torturing her readers, and balancing life, work and being an author.

Thank you so much to C. Rochelle for answering some of our more pressing questions… cough… c*ock… cough and we cannot wait to record our next one.

Chaos, LGBTQ+, and Diversity in Books We Love – Smutty & Nutty

We swear we tried to follow an agenda, but you cannot make us conform to a strict script! Maybe next time…Probably not lol. In this episode of Chaos and Cocks, in honor of Pride and Obergefell day, we decided to make a special episode dedicated to our favorite LGBTQ+ rep in books and sharing our own experiences with sexuality and pride. Enjoy an episode full of our usual chaos, some talk about Throne of Glass (again), our butt head pets and awesome spouses, constant brain farts, and a special legal lesson with Britt.