The Yaga’s Riders

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My books are generally paranormal/monster WhyChoose and/or MM romance featuring graphic sex, with a love is love mentality, naughty humor, and medium-dark content some readers may find triggering. Please carefully read the descriptions and possible triggers and reach out with any questions or suggestions.

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The Yaga’s Riders is based on the folklore of Baba Yaga, with creative liberties taken. This steamy, paranormal romance saga features alphaholes, mysterious forces in magical woods, and a slightly frightening heroine who never has to choose just one man. (That means multiple dicks.)

Core trilogy audiobooks narrated by Maxine Mitchell & John Lane.

Content, Tropes, Kinks & Triggers for The Yaga’s Riders Trilogy (scroll down for A Song of Saints & Swans – Book & CW/TWs)

The main trilogy includes:
MMFM (again, multi-dicks, including the crossing of swords and relationship arcs of their own)

Multiple POV (You’ll be hearing from the guys)

This series is meant for readers 18 and over

Possible triggers:
Sweary dialogue & naughty humor
Graphic extra spicy sex, including kink and various edgeplay
Gore and violence (including guns)
Reference to and non-graphic memories of past (400+ years ago) pregnancy loss
Reference to past (400+ years ago) sexual assault and eventual confrontations with the assaulter 
Toxic masculinity (it doesn’t last forever, promise)
General weirdness and medium-dark elements (that should cover it)

Rise of the Witch (Book 1)

As with most beginnings, it started with death.

When I had nothing left to lose, I traveled to the hut in the woods; the one no one dared approach. The witch who lived there recognized the darkness in my soul and took me under her wing—to witness her reign of terror firsthand and eventually, to inherit her legacy as my own.

Now I’m the monster they fear; the one humans avoid at all costs. In this welcome isolation, I’ve attempted to forget my past and the future that was taken from me.

Until three men appear, somehow able to break through my protective wards and see me in my true form. While resistant to their intrusion, I recognize they may be the ones I’ve been waiting for—the ones I need to ascend to my full power.

Too bad I would rather grind their bones than invite them in.

But something is mysteriously devouring the forest, and I suspect the threat may be the same one I barely escaped many moons ago. If it is, he will find me a more worthy opponent than the last time we met.

I am the Yaga and I may be broken, but my edges are sharp.

A Witch Out of Time (Book 2)

As with most beginnings, it started with death.

Four hundred years is a long time to wait for your fated mates only to have two of them cruelly ripped away.

Suddenly finding ourselves in the hands of the nefarious Facility—run by my final mate’s father—was enough to make my claws twitch under my skin. The only reason I hadn’t reduced these humans to ribbons of severed flesh was that there was information to uncover, and a swan shifter to find. Hopefully alive.

I suppose I’ll behave. 

Even if we were to escape, we wouldn’t be safe. A mysterious force is destroying my forest and the veil between our world and the Nav is growing thin. My former mentor betrayed me, an enemy from my past is circling, and the god of the underworld is demanding that I return to his realm.

The past has returned with a vengeance, and I need all three Riders by my side in order to claim my power and fulfill my legacy—before we run out of time.

Call of the Ride (Book 3)

A legacy like mine was never meant to be easy.

Shaky alliances, deals with the deathless, and an enemy far more powerful than previously believed all weigh heavily on my shoulders.

I’d hidden behind the mask of the Yaga for so long, I’d forgotten what it meant to be human. By claiming the fated mate bond with my Riders, I’ve rediscovered parts of myself I’d buried centuries ago, but I wonder if digging up the dead has its own consequences.

Our mission to unearth the key needed to stop The Devouring leads us deep into the decaying heart of humanity, but our greatest threat may come from within.

As my men and I struggle to overcome the ghosts of our pasts, I pray we can learn to master our collective power—before it consumes us entirely.

I am Vasilisa, and I refuse to accept my fate.

Yaga’s Riders: The Complete Trilogy
+ Bonus Content

**This omnibus includes the complete Yaga’s Riders trilogy (Rise of the Witch, A Witch Out of Time, Call of the Ride) as well as Bonus Content: Asa Baby (a Tan + Asa Christmas Special), the never-before-published Too Peopley (a Nox + Vasi Valentine’s Day Special), and a sneak peek at Anthia’s spin-off story.**

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Narrated by Maxine Mitchel & John Lane

Content, Tropes, Kinks & Triggers for A Song of Saints & Swans (+ Bonus Content)

Content, Tropes & Kinks: 

• Multiple, first-person POV (you’ll be hearing from all three main characters)

• MFF menage (love is love)

• Swan shifter getting busy with twin gods (NO shifted play and NO on-page taboo)

• Slavic mythology

• Enemies-to-lovers and friends-to-lovers relationship arcs

• Domme/sub + switch bedroom dynamics

• Praise (and edging) for a “Good boy”

• Dirty talk & DP

• Temperature play (fire and ice)

• Bondage (with magical, godly vines)

• Horns & feathers (horns make good handlebars)

• Icicle dick (yup)

• Mating bites from possessive gods

• Rising from the ashes

• Hurt/comfort & healing from trauma

• Found family

Possible triggers (please also check content list):

• Sweary dialogue & naughty humor

• Mentions of previous sexual assault (off-page, no detail)

• SA survivor working through her trauma in her own way that may look different from someone else’s

• Parental abandonment

• Mention of past suicide (off-page, vague details)

• Toxic masculinity & past shifter abuse (in relation to the Facility)

• Many hints and tiptoeing around the fact that – ACCORDING TO SLAVIC MYTHOLOGY – the goddess of winter’s death and the god of springtime were twins and also lovers. Nothing taboo happens on the page.

Additional triggers found in From the Depths (bonus tale):

• Blood drinking and violence

• Addictive personality representation

• Grief from past suicide

Additional content & triggers found in It’s Just a Bunch of Va Ju-Ju Voodoo: A Yaga’s Riders Halloween Special (bonus tale):

• Copious and loving MM

• Filthy sex that includes blood and kink

• Ridiculous men with baditudes

• General witchy weirdness

A Song of Saints & Swans (Anthia’s Story – MFF menage)

**There are MAJOR SPOILERS ahead if you have not read The Yaga’s Riders trilogy.**

According to legend, swans sing most beautifully before they die.

As shifter royalty and the next in line to lead my clan, I believed I was invincible. Until my mother disappeared without a trace and I learned my entire existence was a lie.

My fate was sealed when the last of my power was stolen by human men. From that day forward, I buried the life I’d been born into, along with any humanity I had left.

Until all that remained was pure animal rage.

When the past arrives with twin promises of winter’s death and spring’s renewal, I’m given the chance to reclaim the life I was destined for.

The question is—how badly do I want it?

Enough to be reborn from the ashes? Or should I allow my fate to sing its final swan song?—

Please note: A Song of Saints & Swans is a NOVELLA, meaning the main story is slightly shorter than a full-length novel. However, please enjoy the TWO bonus tales included: From the Depths (originally published in the Into the Woods monster anthology) and It’s Just a Bunch of Va Ju-Ju Voodoo: A Yaga’s Riders Halloween Special. Margo & Konstantin from the Into the Woods monster romance anthology will make an appearance as side characters.

The Yaga’s Riders Playlist

All book covers were designed by divine conception design (me!). Podium took care of the audiobook covers.

Note on content changes from previous editions: I was informed that my use of the word g***y was insensitive, so therefore I have removed it completely from The Yaga’s Riders series. My apologies to anyone who I hurt with my actions, and thank you to those who reached out to me so I could do better.