Wings of Darkness & Light

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My books are generally paranormal/monster WhyChoose and/or MM romance featuring graphic sex, with a love is love mentality, naughty humor, and medium-dark content some readers may find triggering. Please carefully read the descriptions and possible triggers and reach out with any questions or suggestions.

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The Wings of Darkness + Light trilogy is an alternate history that imagines “What if angels and demons walked among us?” The trilogy is a steamy, paranormal romance with an urban fantasy, alternate-history setting, featuring a heroine who is a force to be reckoned with.

This series includes:
MMMFM (swords are crossed and the men have relationship arcs of their own!)
Multiple POV (you’ll be hearing from the guys)
Content that is meant for readers 18 and over

Possible triggers in the series as a whole:
Sweary dialogue
Naughty humor
Graphic sex, including kink and various edgeplay
Gore and violence
Plenty of side-eye toward the Old and New Testament and societal class systems
Mention of contemplated suicide
Brief scene of attempted sexual assault (book 2)
Dubcon outside the harem (book 3)

Wings of Darkness & Light: The Complete Trilogy + Bon(er)us Content

The Wings of Darkness + Light trilogy is an alternate history that imagines “What if angels and demons walked among us?” The trilogy is a steamy, paranormal romance with an urban fantasy, alternate-history setting, featuring a heroine who is a force to be reckoned with.

This omnibus includes the complete Wings of Darkness + Light trilogy (Shadows Spark, Shadows Smolder, Shadows Scorch) as well as Bonus Content: Oversized Cupids (a Kimberly Chem Valentine’s Day Special), The Second Coming (an “Airtight” Easter Special), Sexy Little Devil Pt. 1 (a Spooky Syd Halloween Special), and the never-before-published Sexy Little Devil Pt. 2 (an Oz + Gage Sword Crossing Special)

Shadows Spark (Book 1)

Rejected by Hell
Hunted by Heaven
A destiny written in the stars

Current mood: Over it 

Have you ever had the kind of week where you’re supposed to be escorting souls to Hell but instead you save a handsome human with some lightning power you didn’t know you possessed then end up in a naughty angel’s bed?

Well, that’s what’s new in my life…

And now my unrequited first love has left Hell to search for me before the killing machines of the Demonic Forces or the Angelic Army find me.

Some believe I’m the physical incarnation of a celestial legend, sent to shake up the already shaky truce between Heaven and Hell and save the human race. No pressure.

I failed my Reaper exams and have barely been kissed but that won’t stop me from harnessing my powers to claim my divine birthright. All while taking some very tempting men to bed–no matter if they’re angels, demons, or anything in between. 

Shadows Smolder (Book 2)

Ancient origins
Shaky alliances
Overwhelming media attention

More men than one bed can hold 

Well, it’s official. I’m a legendary divine being with mysterious origins who needs my chosen Champions to boost my powers through supernatural sexcapades. I would care what my parents thought—if only I could find out who they were.

To unearth my ancestry, I need to locate the long-lost access point to the original Garden of Eden. All while allowing a tenacious human reporter to create a camera-ready version of me as the savior of all mankind.

But first, I need to rescue one Champion from Heaven, convince another to stop playing hard-to-get, and decide how I feel about a dangerous ancient being who intends to create a world-ending Antichrist baby with me.

Take it easy, boys—there’s plenty of me to go around.

The suspicious motives of Heaven, and the discovery that an old acquaintance in Hell may secretly have my back, have made me question whom I can really trust…including within my own team.

And when it comes to the fine line I’m already walking between darkness and light, I may not even be able to trust myself.

Shadows Scorch (Book 3)

A shattered harem
A missing goddess
A looming threat against humanity

Just another day in the life of Dark Mercy! 

What fresh Hell is this? You know, for being such a bad bitch, I sure know how to make some very bad decisions. I went ahead and followed a sexy psychopath to the Garden of Eden with no clue how to access my full powers or return to my Champions back on Earth.

Assuming they still want me after what I’ve done!

Heaven’s Tribunal and Hell’s Council have been plotting against the human race for centuries and I’m apparently the only one who can stop them. The trouble is, I still don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle and all three realms are running out of time. Oh, and first, I need to defeat the Big Bad before I accidentally end up on the wrong side of history.

Can’t a legendary goddess catch a break?

Once I learn to master all four elements, I can finally achieve my divine destiny and restore the balance between angels, demons, and humans. With my Champions by my side – and an army of my own – I’m ready to fully step into my power and bring my enemies to their knees.

Hell hath no fury like a revolution whose time has come.

Death by Vanilla (A WODL Novella)

A Wings of Darkness + Light Gage origin story novella

This novella is an origin story for one of the men in the harem and takes place in the days leading up to and after events in Shadows Spark (Book 1). While I don’t feel it contains spoilers, if you’d rather read the main trilogy first, start with Shadows Spark, or dive into the Wings of Darkness + Light: Complete Trilogy + Bonus Content.

Wings of Darkness + Light

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