Book Signings & Appearances

C occasionally creeps out of her lair to attend book signings and other events (and always appreciates invites).

With more appearances to come!

NOW AVAILABLE! Pre-Order your signed books HERE

Getting Witchy With It

Salem, MA – September 16-17 (I’m on the 16th), 2023

Join 200 amazing authors in one place at the same time!!

Tickets bought are valid for September 16th & 17th. VIP ticket holders will get a VIP tote bag and early access, and will have priority access over GA attendance no matter the time.

Indie Pride Book Con

Blackpool, UK – March, 23, 2024

Come and join us at the first ever Indie Pride Book Con event that is taking place on 23rd March 2024 at the Village Hotel, Blackpool. We have a mix of LGBTQ and Why Choose authors joining us and we are so excited for it!

We have a fantastic lineup and plenty of more surprises still to come. Join us!