Monstrously Mythic Romance

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My books are generally paranormal/monster WhyChoose and/or MM romance featuring graphic sex, with a love is love mentality, naughty humor, and medium-dark content some readers may find triggering. Please carefully read the descriptions and possible triggers and reach out with any questions or suggestions.

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The 12 Hunks of Herculeia & Herculeia the Hero is a monstrously mythic, medium-dark rom-com duet loosely based on the 12 Labors of Heracles, with many ridiculous liberties taken.And before my fellow history nerds get their togas in a bunch, I am aware that Hercules is the Roman spelling (it gets addressed in the book, trust.) For those wondering how weird this is gonna get in the sheets: Think monster shifters, who maintain fancy accessories in human form.

Future books will sully other myths & legends.

Both Herculeia audiobooks are narrated by Gregory Salinas and Kylie Stewart

Content, Tropes, Kinks & Triggers for the Herculeia Duet

Scroll down for Valhalla is Full of Hunks & please do not hesitate to email C. directly with any questions or suggestions for adding to the TWs.

The Herculeia duet includes:
MMMMMMMMMMMMF (Slow-build group of 12 guys with 16 D’s (and one cockpocket!), and the sword-crossing is deliciously rampant – with relationship arcs of their own!)
Multiple POV (You’ll be hearing from the guys)

This series is meant for readers 18 and over

General Content & Trigger Warnings in the Herculeia duet:

• Sweary dialogue

• Naughty irreverent humor including horse jokes

• An overly possessive, slightly unhinged group of mates

• Explicit sex, including kink (eg. primal play, praise/degradation, asphyxiation, and a breeding kink without traditional pregnancy) and edgeplay

• Light threat of violence with a knife and a brief but bloody graphic death (outside the main characters, barely a side character)

• Trauma/grief/anxiety related to past death in the family (father – car accident), a bad breakup (cheating), and a magical shipwreck (where our girl was thrown overboard)

• Ongoing familial betrayal involving lying and gaslighting (mother)

• Slut-shaming (from the Big Bad)

• Snakes (one of the men is a Hydra, so he has 9 snake heads and forked tongues, and various other creatures have snakes elements to their bodies)

• Signature weirdness and medium-dark elements

• Greek myths with many ridiculous liberties taken

In general, please do not read if you own pearls to clutch, or if you regularly ask to speak to the manager, as you and I will probably not get along.

The 12 Hunks of Herculeia

I thought I was living the dream—until the fateful day I found my boyfriend in bed with my boss. As a professional copywriter, it was the tired cliche that hurt me the most.

What’s a big city girl to do but pack my bags and go solo on that Grecian cruise I’d booked with my ex. Who needs a man when you have tropical breezes, stunning vistas, and free cocktails with frilly umbrellas?

But thanks to a freak storm, I find myself washed ashore on a mysterious Greek Isle inhabited by 12 hotties determined to help me in any way they can.

What in the rom-com setup is this?

Somehow, I’ve ended up inside a famous Greek myth, tasked with conquering the very men I find myself unable to resist—despite their fur, fangs, tentacles, extra appendages, and extremely large…secrets of their own. 

Danger lurks around every crumbling ancient ruin, but the longer I stay, the more I wonder if I want to return to my old life at all.

Here, I get to be the heroine of my own story, and it might just be time to rewrite history.

Herculeia The Hero

When I embarked on my rebound rodeo cruise, the last place I expected to end up was on hot-bod monster island. Not that I’m complaining. The views are fantastic and the impressive amenities offered by my hosts have made it easy to come back for more. 

10/10 would recommend. 

I’m starting to think there’s some truth to this whole “mate-bond” thing—if the murderous rage I feel whenever anyone threatens what’s mine is any indication. 

Scary Leia is ready to throw hands… or claws… or tentacles.

Now my ride or die is stuck here with me, and our enemies are closer than we think. My men believe they can’t be heroes, but they’ve already proven there’s more to them than meets the eye. 

I intend to clear their names if it’s the last thing I do. Olympus is about to learn, there is no monster greater than a bad bish like me.

NOTE: The audiobook – narrated by Gregory Salinas and Kylie Stewart – includes the bonus content: Calm Down Monster Fucker (Timyn + Julius Bonus Scene), Three Heads Are Better Than One (Cerberus + Leia Bonus Scene), and the previously unpublished Get Stuffed or Gobble Til You Wobble (A Thanksgiving Special with Leia + Ladon)

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Herculeia: Complete Duet + Bonus Content

(Illustrated by Mon Reyes)

This double-stuffed illustrated omnibus contains: 

• The 12 Hunks of Herculeia and Herculeia the Hero

Spicy Bonus Scenes (Calm Down Monster Fucker, Three Heads Are Better Than One, and the previously unpublished Get Stuffed: A Thanksgiving Special).

UNcensored Art (also illustrated by Mon Reyes, available in the shop)

Fancy Formatting & Illustrated Cover!

Listen to the Herculeia Duet on Audiobook!

Narrated by Gregory Salinas and Kylie Stewart

NOTE: The Herculeia the Hero audiobook includes the bonus content: Calm Down Monster Fucker (Timyn + Julius Bonus Scene), Three Heads Are Better Than One (Cerberus + Leia Bonus Scene), and the previously unpublished Get Stuffed or Gobble Til You Wobble (A Thanksgiving Special with Leia + Ladon)

Content, Tropes, Kinks & Triggers for Valhalla is Full of Hunks

Please do not hesitate to email C. directly with any questions or suggestions for adding to the TWs.

Content, Tropes & Kinks:

• Multi- (first-person) POVs

• MM, MMF, MMMF (loads of it—with the guys getting their own relationship arcs. Love is love!)

• Monster fucking (also loads, literally)

• A five-foot-nothing unapologetic ho meeting her stable of Skarsgards

• An overly possessive, extremely unhinged group of kinky monsters (including Iola) 

• Dominance and submission (with a variety of dynamics)

• Three co-Doms (Daddy, Sir & Master) who share one very lucky (and bratty) good boy/plaything/pet

• Praise & degradation

• Voyeurism & exhibitionism

• Fancy-featured monster peens, all around

• Mate-marking and knotting

• Breeding kink with no pregnancy (these are monsters, after all)

• Sex toys, used as the main event or as assists (CUE PEGGING)

• Pussy worship


• Creampies as bait

• Sexy lederhosen

• Horns used like the handlebars they are

• All the blow jobs, pussy licking, and dicks in holes (including cockpockets!) you could want because this is a pack of horny monsters in a Why Choose romance

Possible triggers (please also check content list):

• Sweary dialogue

• Naughty, medium-dark humor

• Cutesy pet names & honorifics

• A complete lack of personal boundaries and aggressive flirting/banter between three extremely competitive alphas (Iola included)

• Explicit sex, including kink and edgeplay (see above for specifics)

• Using religious phrases in an overtly sexual and/or casual context (Jesus Christ/Oh, my God/Insert Greek or Norse god/dess here…)

• The word “bitch” being used (never directly at anyone, although one instance is meant as a low-blow insult)

• Very loving use of the words, slut, ho, and whore (mostly for one very lucky sea snake)

• A concerning lack of lube (between the monsters—they like it, promise) and condoms (Iola knows a thing or two about monster jizz)

• Kink-related power imbalances that leak outside the bedroom (but eventually get righted)

• Self-worth issues related to job/being single/uncontrollable powers/living in someone else’s shadow (ongoing, Iola) and brief insecurity surrounding monster parts being different (Jör)

• Sex used as ammunition (Iola)

• Traitorous feelings creeping in when it’s just supposed to be hot sex

• Very few morals (we’re not dealing with humans here)

• Iola being drugged and kidnapped for the purpose of smuggling her to an undisclosed location (she is NOT touched inappropriately during this time)

• Non-sexy handcuffs (on Iola) and self-binding for punishment (one of the monsters)

• A truly infuriatingly stubborn, toxic alphahole who certain types will go feral for (you hoes know who you are and you can have him)

• An enraging moment of miscommunication, because why ask for clarification like a human when you can go full scorched earth like the drama monster you are?

• Loss of body autonomy and free will (in the past, but also ongoing)

• Family abandonment (Iola’s mother, in the past and only briefly mentioned)

• Snakes (our sea serpent Jör but also a cameo from Herculeia’s Hydra)

• Slightly descriptive abuse, graphic violence, and gore, based entirely on the Norse legends. Eg. A god getting his hand bitten off, another being swallowed whole, baby monsters being taken from their mother, and a wolf’s jaw being pierced through with a sword. (All past, briefly mentioned besides one longer recap, and necessary for the thrilling backstory of what happened to these monsters)

• Two of the monster (aka, not actually humans living with human morals) in this tale are technically brothers, but are obviously in a very not-brotherly relationship now. This is acknowledged in the book. The author knows. Before you clutch your pearls, let’s all take a moment to remember: This is a fictional giant wolf and a giant snake. They are not human. This is mythology, not history, and we all know the gods, etc of mythology were “lawless ho’s.” If you find THIS one part to be too weird for you, I guarantee, my books are not for you.

Valhalla is Full of Hunks: A Monstrously Mythic Tale

You’d think having the gift of second sight would make my life feel more secure. Instead, I’m left with sleepless nights, a body count higher than my bestie, Herculeia, and an unfinished five-year plan. 

Was a juicy benefits package with an entire stable of Skarsgards too much to ask for

Officially burned out, I decide to extend my business trip to Stockholm by two weeks—determined to forget my troubles by stuffing my face with Swedish meatballs.

And I’m not just talking about the food. 

When I meet the sexiest meatball right out of the gate, I think the tides are finally turning in my favor.

Too bad my prophetic visions failed me once again.

Now I’m the one on hot-bod monster island, but instead of being chained to the bed for fun, it’s more a hostage situation. 

I can still work with that. 

The question is, can I convince my three mythological captors to abandon their doomsday plot for eternity with me? Or is our fate already set in stone?

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