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My books are steamy paranormal reverse harem romance featuring graphic sex (MF, MMF, MFM & MM) and content some readers may find triggering. Content is meant for readers 18 and over. Please carefully read the individual descriptions and possible triggers and reach out with any questions.

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Monstrously Mythic Romance Series

The 12 Hunks of Herculeia & Herculeia the Hero is a monstrously mythic, medium-dark rom-com loosely based on the 12 Labors of Heracles, with many ridiculous liberties taken.

And before my fellow history nerds get their togas in a bunch, I am aware that Hercules is the Roman spelling (it gets addressed in the book, trust.) For those wondering how weird this is gonna get in the sheets: Think monster shifters, who maintain fancy accessories in human form.

Books in this series:

Yaga’s Riders Series

Also available on Audible

The Yaga’s Riders is based on the folklore of Baba Yaga, with creative liberties taken. This steamy, paranormal romance saga features alphaholes, mysterious forces in magical woods, and a slightly frightening heroine who never has to choose just one man. (That means multiple dicks.)

Books in the Series/Universe (Main trilogy also available on Audible):

Wings of Darkness & Light Series

The Wings of Darkness + Light trilogy is an alternate history that imagines “What if angels and demons walked among us?”

This is a steamy, paranormal romance with an urban fantasy, alternate-history setting, featuring a heroine who is a force to be reckoned with.

Books in the Series/Universe:

Apex Society Capers Series

Apex Society Capers is a steamy and mysterious paranormal reverse harem romance series brought to you by the wicked minds of C. Rochelle and Cassandra Featherstone.

Books in this series:


Sometimes, you just can’t resist throwing in a little short something-something. C participates in several anthologies.

Shadow Magic: A Folkloric Romance Anthology

Vasi from Yaga’s Riders gets to revive her Baba Yaga role and give some much-needed guidance to Ellea from L.L. Campbell’s Tricky Magic series in this mind-bending cross-over co-write.

Out October 2022.

Monsters and Mistletoe: A Christmas Monster Romance Anthology

Hot chocolate, snowflakes, jingling bells, and… monsters?

That’s what Christmas has in store for you this year!

Add a little spice to your holiday festivities by diving into this collection of monster-loving heroines who find love in the most unusual of places.

Out December 2022

All covers were designed by divine conception design (me!) except the Apex Society series, designed by AT Cover Designs, and the anthology covers.