Wolfy + Simon Halloween (Gentlemen Prefer Villains) – 5×7″ DIGITAL DOWNLOAD


PLEASE NOTE: This is a 5×7″ DIGITAL png file. Upon purchase, the UNcensored art will be made available for you to download up to 3 times and print on your own!

Patreon Note: The 20% off coupon for physical art prints does NOT apply to digital downloads. Thank you for understanding!


SFW art of Wolfy & Simon dressed up as Gomez and Morticia Addams for Halloween! These characters are originally from Gentlemen Prefer Villains although THIS art was inspired by the naughty shenanigans in the Putting Out for a Hero bonus scene: Lycra and Lace and Tutus (currently only available to Patreon MVPs of DP+ but will also be included in the Putting Out for a Hero audiobook and future special editions/omnibuses, TBA)

Drawn by the fabulous illustrator, @biggsboi_ as usual.

The Villainous Things series contains standalone books (each with HEAs) that feature interconnected characters and an overarching plot. You should read them in order (starting with Not All Himbos Wear Capes)

Learn more about Villainous Things – including a full list of kinks, content, and triggers – HERE