NSFW: Vampy Sammich (Vampires Totally Suck – Creepy Court Anthology) – 5×7″ DIGITAL DOWNLOAD


PLEASE NOTE: This is a 5×7″ DIGITAL png file. Upon purchase, the UNcensored art will be made available for you to download up to 3 times and print on your own!

Patreon Note: The 20% off coupon for physical art prints does NOT apply to digital downloads. Thank you for understanding!


NSFW art of Star, Max & Damon from Vampires Totally Suck, my angsty, kinky MMF vampire tale, currently found within the Creepy Court: Monster Mall Anthology. Stay tuned for a full-length tale with these three horny vamps in the future!

Drawn by my new bestie @charlieragnarok

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