Apex Society Capers

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My books are generally paranormal/monster WhyChoose and/or MM romance featuring graphic sex, with a love is love mentality, naughty humor, and medium-dark content some readers may find triggering. Please carefully read the descriptions and possible triggers and reach out with any questions or suggestions.

This series includes:
Multiple POV
Content that is meant for readers 18 and over

Possible triggers in the series as a whole:
Rough sex (including biting, blood, etc)
BDSM & Kink
Domestic violence & implied child abuse
Graphic violence & death
Alcohol & drug use (including underage drinking)
Bullying (outside the harem)
Body dysmorphia
Sweary language & naughty humor
Super Heinous Puns

Everything is consensual, except death. Consent is ALWAYS sexy.

In general, please do not read if you own pearls to clutch, or if you regularly ask to speak to the manager, as you and I will probably not get along.

Come Out and Prey: The Prey-Quel

***This is prequel in the Apex Society Capers Series. Please see Let Us Prey for book one. We highly recommend reading this prior to book one.***

My name is Delores Diamond Drew, and I’ve got a bone to pick. 

From an early age, I knew I didn’t want to be part of the cutthroat society my predator family sits at the top of, nor did I ascribe to their legacy of division and elitism.

It’s all such utter BS. 

However, I was brainwashed to believe that if I wanted to live a successful life, I would sit still, shut up, and look pretty. And if I didn’t mold myself to their expectations, the threat of death was never too far off. So I’ve played their games in hopes I can live long enough to find my own way.

But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel–Apex Academy. If I can make a good impression during my campus tour, then I’ll no longer be living under the same roof as my scheming parents, free to make my own decisions, free to find out who I am.

And the fact the academy seems to be crawling with hot-bod professors sure doesn’t hurt.

Here I come, early admission!

Unfortunately, life has a way of sneaking up on you and I’m starting to suspect that what I think is real is just more smoke and mirrors. When the truth finally comes to light, I may have to finally decide whether I continue to obey…or burn these expectations to the ground.

Let Us Prey (Book 1)

In this world, you’re either predator or prey.

I come from a long line of pure-blood predators, but when my shift finally happened, I turned out to be prey.

A bunny to be exact. A freakin’ bunny.

The guy I’d been promised to since birth rejected me. My own father has turned his back on me – shipping me off to Apex Academy even though it’s practically a death sentence with what I am.

Oh, and of course, my ex-fiance and his friends are here at the academy and more than happy to make my life a living hell.

But then I met my teachers. Five incredibly gorgeous apex predators, each one more mysterious than the last. And all of them, very much off-limits.

There is something dark at Apex Academy – something that’s killing off students and teachers alike. As prey, I’m afraid I’m the easiest target, but who can I trust to keep me safe?

In Prey We Trust (Book 2)

In Prey We Trust is book 2 in the steamy and mysterious Apex Society Capers standalone paranormal romance series. Please read the “preyquel” – Come Out & Prey – and book 1 – Let Us Prey – for backstory on our bunny, Delores, her hottie professors, and the secrets surrounding Apex.

All Apex Society covers were designed by Aubrey @atcoverdesigns!