A Note on Apex Society Capers

Dear Readers,

I want to let you know that moving forward I will no longer be associated with, write, or work on the Apex Society Capers series. This includes the current title on pre-order In Prey We Trust, as well as any future titles that may come out in the series.

I am not currently available to answer any questions about this matter and will not comment further unless I need to address something specific. Thank you for your understanding with regards to this matter.

-Corinne (C. Rochelle)

If you’re looking for a book where a true Heather meets karma (at the hands… fangs of two broody-hot vampires), after thinking she could steal her bestie’s work, pass it off as her own (and profit from it), and publicly play the victim (while bullying behind the scenes), preorder Creepy Court: A Monster Mall Anthology for my short – Vampires Totally Suck.

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